S&T Interview Prep Course - Exclusive Members Area

Welcome to the members area!

First of all, we just want to thank you for taking the time to go through the course. 

...As you'll soon be able to tell, this has been a passion project of ours and hearing how much this course has helped people always makes our day.

There's a lot of content contained here and at first it came seem a bit overwhelming to go through. 

...Don't worry though. Once you go through everything it'll all "click".

Here's how you should think about the course:

Ideally, we think you should approach the course as follows:

  1. Read through The Overview Guide, which will set the stage for the rest of the course
  2. Read through The Interview Q&A Guide once, and then go through it again to memorize answers or craft your own answers using our templates
  3. If you have not applied to any positions yet, go through The CV and Cover Letter Guide to make sure your CV and cover letter are up to the S&T standards
  4. If you do not have a first-round interview yet, go through The Networking Guide and begin the networking process. If you already have interviews lined up, you can focus just on interview prep as there's no need for further networking
  5. Choose a few of the Desk Guides that are of interest and read through our Q&A for them to get comfortable with the basics of those desks
  6. If you have enough time, it's worth going through all the Desk Guides in order to figure out what area of the trading floor is likely best for you and build your contextual understanding of different desks / products (if you have interviews coming up soon, you should just focus on the few areas you think you're interested in now)

So, in order to really impress in your interview you should:

Have read through The Overview Guide, be comfortable with all the Q&A in The Interview Q&A Guide, and then be comfortable with the Q&A in at least one or two of the Desk Guides (or all of them if time permits).

If you have less time to prepare, don't worry! You don't have to go through everything in the course right now. 

The minimal level of preparation will involve reading The Overview Guide and going through everything in The Interview Q&A Guide

In The Interview Guide we break down interview questions into categories and share what types of questions are most common in first-round interviews and in superdays.

For both first-rounds and superdays, behavioral questions are most common (however, these are a very broad set of questions).

..So if you're really pressed for time, focus in on the types of questions in The Interview Q&A Guide that will come up most frequently.

The Primary Guides

Below are the four Primary Guides. Click the links below in order to be taken to view each of the guides.

The Overview Guide

The Interview Q&A Guide

The Networking Guide

The CV and Cover Letter Guide

The Desk Guides

Below are the Desk Guides. Each Desk Guide contains our overview of the desk(s) and the Q&A we've developed.

After each Desk Guide we attach leading industry primers that dive further into the desk or product. 

Please don't read the industry primers for interview prep, however! That's complete overkill. Just read the primers after you get an offer, or if you have loads of time and are just want to learn more.

Credit 101

Rates 101

FX 101

CLOs 101

Munis 101

Money Markets 101

Equity Derivatives 101

MBS 101

Regulation, Economics, and Corporate Finance 101

As a bonus we've added a Commodities 101 guide. Because of how diverse the desks are in commodities it's impossible to develop a few dozen basic Q&A for commodities S&T.

Instead, we've done a brief write up on the kinds of desks there are in commodities and attached a few primers that cover various desks well. 

Absolutely no one expects you to have an understanding of commodities when you begin, because everyone knows how niche and divergent the desks are. Just having an idea of what kind of desks make up commodities trading is more than enough (which we cover in The Overview Guide).

Only go through the Commodities 101 primers if you end up getting an offer and want a few primers to go through. You can read Commodities 101 here

There's a lot of content here, but as we said before don't get overwhelmed or discouraged.

...If you go through this prep process you will be incredibly well prepared (in fact, probably over prepared) and trust us it will show in an interview.

You can always tell those who "get" what S&T is all about and those that really have no idea what they're interviewing for. 

If you bought the mock interview and e-mail access package, feel free to reach out to us whenever is best for you. Please include your order number when you send your first e-mail so we can flag your e-mails for future refrence.

E-mail: SalesPlusTrading@gmail.com 

Once again, thank you for taking the time to go through the course. It has helped hundreds so far and we know it'll help you as well. 

If you have any questions, you can always feel free to e-mail us and we'll try to be of help as best we can. We both started off not knowing anything about S&T, so don't worry about sending any "dumb" questions!



P.S - As you can hopefully tell, we've spent a lot of time and effort putting together all of this. We've also priced it far below where it likely should be. We would really appreciate you not sharing any of the materials here with anyone else.