About Us

For those hoping to break into sales and trading, it can all seem like a complete black box.

This is borne out in S&T interviews - especially for summer analyst positions - where the contextual understanding of interviewees is severely limited.

Many interviewees are entirely unaware of what desks exist outside of the most popularized ones - like equity derivatives trading - and have a blurry at best understanding of what the role of S&T professionals are across the trading floor.

To date, there has never been a comprehensive, definitive course created for S&T interviews that provides:

  • Examples of S&T interview questions with long, detailed explanations for why they are good answers
  • An overview of sales and trading as an industry and how a trading floor is structured in today's regulatory and technological environment
  • Basic Q&A for the most popular desks so that you can understand how a certain desk operates in the broader context of S&T and what could make it a good fit for you

In early 2020 we set out to create what we wish we had access to several years ago when we did our own interviews.

Ultimately it ended up being a much larger undertaking than we could have imagined. The course we compiled stretches hundreds of pages, across 13-guides, and contains 300+ questions and answers.

Even though it ended up being much more time intensive than we initially thought, we are incredibly proud of what we've created here and believe that it will stand the test of time as being the most comprehensive, definitive resource for S&T interviews that could possible exist. 

Be sure to check out the course if you're at all interested in sales and trading as a potential career and let us know what you think.